You won’t sell to everyone – but you can at least try!

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Here’s a harsh truth for anyone that’s new to sales – and, for that matter anyone that’s in sales full stop.

You will NOT sell to every prospect you speak to.

Not everyone will like your product, not everyone will accept your objection handling, not everyone will care or even respond positively to the fact that you’ve been reading loads of brilliant sales books or attended the best sales course known to mankind.

Not everyone will have the money to spend.   They may not have the time to talk to you or read your proposals.   There’s even a distinct possibility they might not like YOU and, even if you’re selling the most amazing product ever and practically giving it away it’s that cheap, they STILL won’t buy from you.

That’s how people are.   You should know, you’re one of them, you don’t buy from every salesperson you talk to so you shouldn’t expect every one of your prospects to buy from you.

And knowing this, truly knowing – and to a degree not caring – that you’re not going to get a sale on every call or even that it might take 100 or 1000 calls before you get a sale is vital if you’re to be able to dust yourself off after a “failure” and get on with the business of making that next call.

In an ideal world, your sales brilliance would dazzle and influence every prospect you speak to – and it will for many of them.   So, focus on that next call, that next meeting, that next proposal knowing that you can’t sell to everyone, but you can at least try.

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