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GDPR, GDPR, GDPR – I’m sure you’re already sick and tired of hearing about GDPR.

Well, I’m sorry, I’m going to mention it again – 


You see, it’s not going to go away.   

You’re growing weary of every other Linkedin post mentioning it.    Countless emails dropping into your inbox from GDPR consultants/”experts” add to those woes.

And now, there’s people like me – marketers, reminding you in blog posts to do something about it.

But when will you act?   Today?  Next week?  The middle of May 2018?

For a lot of businesses – those that keep a tight ship already in terms of data protection and how they manage their customers details – the changes won’t be too significant.

For others though, there’s a long way to go before than deadline comes around next year and, the sooner you act, the better.

Now, I’m no GDPR consultant/”expert”, however I do understand enough to know the implications it will have upon my business and my clients businesses, particularly in terms of the outbound marketing we undertake for our clients – and ourselves.

Namely that, once the regulations kick in, you have a legal responsibility to prove that you either have an opt in somewhere (effectively giving you permission to market to that individual),

OR – in the case of B2B marketing – proof that there is a legitimate reason for you contacting that prospect.   Ie that the product/service you’re offering has some relevance to the nature of that individuals role.

The “legitimate interest” part of this is clearly a little woolly in terms of it’s likely interpretation so, ideally you need to be aiming for an opt in from everyone you market to – the legitimate interest then being a valuable add on in terms of legality.

We can help you with this by:

  • Carrying out an outbound telemarketing campaign to make contact with the individuals on your database
  • Confirming opt-in for any future marketing campaigns
  • Providing proof of that opt in
  • Quality checking names, job titles, email addresses
  • TPS Checking telephone numbers
  • Generating interest for your product/service
  • Securing qualified meetings with buyers

All we’d need from you is a copy of your existing dataset, some information about the products/services you offer and then we can get on with helping you with a large part of working towards GDPR compliance (there you go, I’ve mentioned it again!)

Don’t put it off any longer – give me a call on 0330 20 50 500 and at the very least we can have a chat through what you need to do on this side of things.

Or fill out the contact form on our website and either myself or one of the team will call you straight back

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