Managing Your Customers Expectations

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Customers, eh.  Sometimes it feels as if business would be easier if they didn’t exist.

But then you’d have the problem of having no revenue and, let’s face it, a business needs revenue to exist.   And that revenue HAS to come from customers of some kind.

Yes, some clients will be much easier to please than others and, as the saying goes, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.   But you can certainly try.

And that begins with how your product/service is sold in the first place.

Managing customers expectations is an essential part of ensuring that customer continues to be happy with your company (and you!)  way after they’ve signed your terms and conditions.

The intricacies of this will vary from company to company but the starting point should always be one of honesty on the part of the salesperson.

Be realistic about what you can achieve together – if you can’t do something then now is the time to be airing those concerns.

NEVER lie to get the sale – nothing fuels buyers remorse greater than a buyer finding out they’ve been lied to.

Question your prospect – not only to uncover their need for your offering but also to help establish where their expectations sit.

This is a similar process to handling objections – ask the question, review the answer, adapt your response.   Again, getting these opinions out in the open now will save you a WHOLE lot of problems later down the line.

Speak to others in the company that will be involved in serving the customer.   It’s all very well promising your client something but you need to know those promises can be honoured.    

Communicate with your ops/delivery team, your managers, know their processes as well as you know your own.

Follow up after you’ve made the sale
Too many salespeople feel their responsibility to their customer ends the second the contract is signed and, although you may not be directly involved in the delivery of your product/service, you are responsible for ensuring a smooth transition from prospect to customer.
Yes you may find that once you’ve spoken, problems are uncovered – you can deal with those problems which again will further strengthen your relationship with that client.   

Things go wrong from time to time, most people accept that.  What most people don’t expect is to be kept in the dark, not called, not emailed, not offered any solutions.

Help your customer, you’ll ultimately be helping yourself.

Customers who have their expectations managed well will start off happy, hopefully remain happy throughout your working relationship and keep buying from you again!

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