Love it when a plan comes together

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When I was aged around 10, I was ABSOLUTELY obsessed with the A Team.   For me, their ridiculous, over the top antics, highly unbelievable plot lines and brilliant characters were everything I lived for.

And somewhere, lurking in a photo album at my mothers house is evidence of this obsession in the form of a picture of me, dressed, as I always was, as “Howling Mad” Murdock.

But the leader of the A Team, the cool, calm and cigar chomping John “Hannibal” Smith was the one who’s words and actions have stuck with me to this very day.

Particularly his catchphrase – “I love it when a plan comes together”

You see plans are, for me at least, an essential part of my existence.  With a plan I have a clear indication of what I’m looking to achieve and, most importantly, how I’m going to achieve it.

I plan out every working day, blocking my time into half hourly slots.   I plan my weekends so I get the jobs I need to do done and ensure I still fit in some much needed time for fun.

I plan out my marketing and sales activity for the month, taking stock of what I’ve achieved in the previous month and how I’m going to do even better in the upcoming weeks.

And I plan out how we’re going to get the best chance of achieving results for our clients.

I love a plan and love it when one comes together!

Whenever I’ve read books about time management or seen blog posts or memes that relate to the actions of successful people, there’s always a thread of planning in there.

I’m listening to the audiobook of Total Recall currently – the autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenneger – and he’s always been HUGELY into goal setting and planning.

In short, plans are the cornerstone of achieving things.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not, by any stretch, a super organised planning machine.   It’s a struggle for me to sit down and plan stuff out, I’d rather just get on with things.   But I have found, since forcing myself into planning more that I get far more done in far less time.

So that can’t be a bad thing!

And whilst the planning stage itself may not be the most fun I’ve ever had, the process itself is very liberating and, it’s even better when a plan comes together!

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