GDPR – Free Checklist for Marketers

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With May 25th looming ever closer, the awareness of GDPR is starting to reach fever pitch.

Thousands of companies who had previously buried their heads in the sand or simply been unaware of the impending data protection laws are now beginning to realise that something will  have to be done.

However, what that something is remains wildly open to debate.

Some feel it’s an apocalyptic event for all marketers and salespeople, some feel that there’s likely to be no major difference from how things are currently.   The reality sits somewhere between the two.

My fear is that this confusion is likely to make things very difficult for those of us involved in sales/marketing – I’ve already had people telling me we’re not going to be able to send marketing emails out anymore (we can)

That we can’t cold call companies anymore (we can as long as the numbers are TPS screened)

And that it’s going to be illegal to sell marketing data (it isn’t) – and we’re still continuing to do so – at VERY good prices may I add.  

Fortunately the ICO – who are responsible for enforcing GDPR in the UK have published a very useful and simple PDF that explains exactly what we can and can’t do after May 25th.   

This doesn’t require you to sign up to a mailing list or have to sit through an hour long webinar – it’s free and I’m being kind enough to share the link with you – in the hope that it will , in some small way help to clear up some of the confusion and make life easier for those of us involved in direct marketing

And if you need to purchase GDPR compliant data for your own campaigns – contact us on 0330 20 50 500 or complete the contact form on our website and we’ll call you right back!










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