Dealing with the fear of making cold calls

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Sales calls, cold calls, introductory calls – call them what you will – can be the easiest thing in the world to do. 

After all, you’re just picking up the phone (something you’ve probably been doing all your life), dialling a number and then having a conversation.

Easy enough eh!

But, add to that the pressure of meeting a sales target, the tension caused by an overzealous manager breathing down your neck or the possibility that the person you’re calling may be somewhat less than friendly and – gulp – suddenly making that call appears TERRIFYING  

First off – don’t worry – it happens to all of us at times.   I’ve been making sales calls for just under a quarter of a century now and I still have days where any other task seems more pleasurable than picking up the phone and making that next call.

So, you find other things to do – you send emails, you update your social media profile, you fling out a couple of tweets or Linkedin messages because it’s still a step in the right direction – right?

But – as with anything that creates fear – bear in mind there will ALWAYS be a reason you’re scared of dialing.   You know yourself better than anyone else so, dig deep and REALLY identify what’s causing the problem.

Most commonly it’s doubt in what you’re selling/offering.   Are you concerned that the price is too high?  that the quality of your product/service isn’t quite up to scratch?

Those thoughts can lead you to feeling you’re “pestering” people.

Faith in what you offer will help mentally position you in the right place prior to making that call- a place of authority and trust.   If you believe – and I mean TRULY believe that you have the right solution to the prospects problems then what is there to be scared about? 

So dig out those product/service briefs.   Absorb all of the relevant details – the USP’s (Unique Selling Points)  – know what problems your offering solves, understand why you’re better than your competitors – arm yourself with so much knowledge that any objection you face is a breeze to handle.

Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to sales.

You may be fearful due to your own skills – or lack of them.    Not an easily solveable problem but certainly one that can be solved nonetheless.     

And again solved by KNOWLEDGE.   Get yourself some decent books on sales, cold calling, telesales – whatever you can find – read, absorb, implement.

Youtube has a ton of useful videos related to making cold calls – get ’em watched!

And there’s training courses – we have designed and delivered a course called “red hot cold calls” which is designed to give newer cold callers the skills – and confidence – they need to pick up the phone and make sales.     If you’d like more information – 0330 20 50 500 or complete the contact form on our website and we’ll call you straight back

Maybe you’re scared that the prospect will be rude to you, swear or put the phone down?  Let’s face it – those are always possibilities – although less likely in the B2B marketplace.

But even if that happens – so what?  Yes, it’s not pleasant but, at the end of the day, that person is just a noise in your headset.  They’re not in the room yelling at you.  Your’e not in danger of having an office chair flung in your direction out of annoyance. 

Maybe you just caught them at a bad time – we all have them.

Don’t take it personally.   And realise that really, on the grand scale of things, it probably is about the worst thing that could happen.  

So now you’ve dealt with the worst possible scenario – anything else is just a walk in the park. 

And there are the three main things that cause fear when making cold calls – and some effective solutions for dealing with them

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