Optimised buildings are a specialist energy management consultancy that focuses on improving efficiency and reducing energy expenditure of commercial properties through the use of powerful analytics platforms and data analysis.

Inspired Business Development were appointed by Optimised Buildings to deliver an outbound telemarketing campaign with the objectives of securing meetings with key decision makers involved in energy efficiency (Facilities, Environmental and Sustainability roles)

In addition, the project helped to increase awareness and identify sales opportunities for an am&T (automatic monitoring and targeting system) – a product which gives increased visibility of data related to energy consumption upon which energy/sustainability personnel can make informed decisions with regard to improving energy efficiency and building performance.

Following an initial meeting with the client, a comprehensive briefing document was compiled to enable us to fully understand their business and the many benefits of their service offering.

A target client profile was then drawn up to ensure we were able to identify and approach the correct individuals within each prospect organisation and finally, a number of detailed email templates were written, further outlining the clients offering.

Based upon this initial briefing, an effective strategy was devised to ensure we were able to reach maximum coverage over the course of an intial pilot telemarketing campaign.

Although this was a sector Inspired Business Development had delivered campaigns into before, the particular product in question was not a solution we had previously sold or helped to promote.

However, due to our experience in developing sales opportunities in the energy sector, we were able to very easily understand and effectively communicate the benefits of this offering and, as a result helped to secure a number of qualified meetings for the client, one of which converted to a sale in the region of £25000 – a 1000% return on the clients initial investment.

If your company is involved in energy management and needs more new business and insight into your market, we’d love to help

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