Promote your services with a professional animated video

A short, animated video to explain your services to potential customers and provide them with a deeper understanding of your offering – greatly increasing the impact and success rates of our lead generation campaigns.

Working in partnership with acclaimed artist and animator Okse, we can now offer completely tailor made animated videos for your business as well including a full in-depth consultation, all artwork, animation, voiceovers, music and script as well as any amendments or revisions.

Okse has painted for many well known figures from the comedy world and has also been featured on BBC News and Channel 4’s Gogglebox.   With a career in graphic design spanning two decades, he has extensive experience of logo design, comic strip creation, games industry design & caricatures.

This is a perfect way to showcase your businesses products or services – particularly if you have a unique or niche offering and even more so when you consider that Youtube is now the second most popular online search engine.

Below are some examples of videos Okse has created previously.

KSA – 5R’s Methodology

Energy Renewals – Demand Side Response

ENC Couriers

The more clients understand the benefits of what you do, the more they’ll buy from you.  Combine that with the huge rise in mobile phone on online video, with users viewing and uploading videos to Youtube in their millions.   And your professionally produced video could be the next viral hit!

Combine that with a well rounded marketing campaign – including outbound telemarketing and inbound call handling to deal with customer enquiries and to put some more personality behind the brand and you’re onto a winner!

If you’d like further information, call us on 0330 20 50 500 or fill out the enquiry form on our website and one of the team will call you straight back

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